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PoolPosition is an art project of the KULTURFABRIK Moabit. It was a merging of berliner underwater photographers and artists at the long night of diving in 2007 that created PoolPosition.

The long night of diving takes place every year in the beginning of November in the KULTURFABRIK. Its stress lies on underwater filming and photography.

The aim of PoolPosition is the development of an visual independent form of expression. PoolPosition is a composition of model, studio and underwater photography. The style and HYPERLINK ""originality are formed through the choice of motives and their combination with the unusual underwater perspective of the viewer.

The close work of photographers, models and artists results in these unconventional scenes and new perspectives which are done in conventional and known way. The creativity is composed of the composition of models, clothing, accessories, objects and scenes in the underwater landscape of the swimming pool.

The artistic and organisational realisation of PoolPosition is done by a small fixed team. For the realisation of the working and shooting in swimming pools individual groups of new artists, models, underwater photographers and underwater filmmakers are invited. These shootings are a creative and interdisciplinary process. They encourage the artistic exchange, the new interpretation of photographic motives as well as the technical perfection.

The outcomes of these creative processes are presented in exhibitions.

PoolPosition is an art project that is on a journey to an unknown destination – and consistently reinvents itself.

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